Paulie’s Hot Dogs

Note: If you’ve landed on this page looking for info about Paulies, please see this post, which has a bit more info and some pictures too!

Bozeman now has a hot dog shop. Paulie’s Hot Dogs is located at 801 West Main in the new building across from the Lewis and Clark Motel. They offer a huge selection of hot dogs, sausages and toppings and shoestring french fries–not healthy, of course, but fast, delicious and fun.

The shop is pretty small, but offers some outdoor seating. Service is fast making it a great place to grab a quick lunch or take food to go. There’s chalkboard paint on the walls which was great fun for the kids and some of the adults when I was there for lunch. I imagine that business is pretty brisk when school is in session because there’s so little wait and Paulie’s is pretty close to the high school. This will be a perfect place to grab lunch from and head up to Cooper park for a picnic when the weather is warmer. I can’t wait for summer!


2 responses to “Paulie’s Hot Dogs

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  2. This place could be great, but from what I saw, they need work. First, the front door was locked, another customer had to let me in. Do the staff no have a front door key? Second, You can see the cooks in the back prepping and preparing your food, thats nice- IF THEY WERE CLEAN ABOUT IT. I watched a staffer cut chicken on a cutting board with his bare hands, then go directly to cutting tomatoes on the same board. NO GLOVES, NO WASHING OF THE HANDS, NO WASHING THE CUTTING BOARD!!! THAT IS GROSS AND CONTAMINATING. Not only that, but this staff memember didn’t washin his hands once, and I saw him handeling a great number of foods served to the people. The other staff member had the same problem, didn’t wash shi hands, the cutting board or the knives used. And finally, IT TOOK 30 MINUTES FOR ME TO GET MY HOTDOG- 30 MINUTES! That is unheard of! I will never visit this palce again for fear of food poisoning. When I finally got my food, I threw it out, I’m not eating something that is most liekly contaminated. This place needs to train it’s staff in cleanliness or they are going to get people really sick

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