Yummy Tweets

The social networking/mini-blogging service Twitter has recently gained some notoriety in Bozeman. As a result many Bozemanites are connecting with one another or signing on to Twitter for the first time. Many of the new names we’re seeing are those of restaurants, specialty food stores and other small Bozeman businesses. I”m in love with the food related tweets and Twitter is an amazing tool for broadcasting lunch specials, happy hours, new products/shipments, or cooking classes to the hungry masses. I sincerely hope that more Bozeman businesses sign on and continue to use Twitter to let me know what they’ve got to offer. Here’s some to follow… let me know if I need to add anyone to my list!
All Things Italian specialty food shop
Bozeman’s Sweet Pea Bakery
Old Chicago-Bozeman
Olivelle-oil, vinegar and specialty products
The Bacchus Pub in downtown Bozeman(home of the Bozeman “tweetup”)
The Fresco Cafe on N. 7th
The Emerson Grill in the Emerson Cultural Center


One response to “Yummy Tweets

  1. Thanks for posting! I will continue tweeting, it’s an easy way to let Bozeman know what’s new at All Things Italian.

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