Sweet Pea Bakery

When the weather is as beautiful as it was last Friday, the first day of spring, you have to get outside and enjoy it. I like to take my son for walks in his stroller, but with obstacles like road construction, lack of sidewalks, snow banks, and springtime mud our options are limited. The Sweet Pea Bakery at 2622 W. Main St. is one of the places that we can walk to without much trouble, so I decided that we’d go get a fancy desert to have after our roast chicken dinner.

This may very well become a weekly or bi-weekly habit. And why not? Sweet Pea is a small business that uses local products as much as possible, which means that my money is staying a bit closer to home. I’m not a bad baker–I make a mean banana bread, tasty graham crackers and some really great cookies–but my talents are limited. Also, it’s just plain fun to eat fancy food that someone else made.

With such summery weather I thought a fruit tart would be an appropriate dessert. It was.


I can never pass up a lemon bar…


The flourless espresso cake looks really good, doesn’t it? Mmmm, maybe this Friday…


We also got a sample of the Nela Cookie. A great treat for any little one!

You can visit The Sweet Pea Bakery website, read their blog, or follow them on Twitter.


3 responses to “Sweet Pea Bakery

  1. That fruit tart looks EXCELLENT! Great pictures too.

  2. Thanks for visiting, it was nice to meet you. The pictures are great. Glad you liked your treats!

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