Facebook Foodie Fun

I “like” a lot of food related pages on Facebook and also follow many food related businesses on Twitter. Most of them are more local than not–Bozeman restaurants, stores and a some businesses from other areas of Montana. A couple have really caught my eye on Facebook lately.

Bozmangia Cooks

Bozmangia Cooks is a casual cooking, eating and all-around having fun group that seems to be sliding on to the Bozeman scene with success.

They’ve already had a few pot-luck style events(Moroccan Your Socks Off! was last night) and have collected nearly 200 hundred Facebook friends since the beginning of the year. I haven’t been able to attend due to the new baby(currently napping at my feet while I type) and a total lack of babysitters, but I would in an instant if I could swing it. If you live in the Bozeman Area and like cooking and eating please, please get in on this. It looks like so much fun!

Bozeman PopUp

The Bozeman PopUp Facebook page has only been around for a couple of weeks and has already garnered nearly 500 friends and with good reason. Bozeman PopUp offers a “limited time only” restaurant experience, the first of which is Indian food at Wild Joe’s Coffee House downtown tomorrow night. This collaborative effort has been warmly welcomed in Bozeman and why not? What could be more exciting than an exclusive event with can’t-get-it-anywhere-else food?

Now, this is important, as of this writing there are still tickets available for 7 p.m. on March 5th, so if you’re interested in being one of the few, one of the lucky, you might want to shell out the $40 now at Wild Joe’s or on the Bozeman PopUp website.

Again, I would go, but… oh, it will be fun when the kids can watch themselves…

The Parrot Confectionary

This old-fashioned candy store in Helena is part of the hallowed ground of my youth. My mom took me there to eat chili when I was very young, I bought candy there during lunch breaks from summer theatre school at Grandstreet Theatre and I try to go there any time I visit Helena. The place is amazing. Helena folks and anyone who loves quality candy should be following The Parrot.

Their Facebook page has informed me that they have a game night and that they’ll be offering clam chowder. Makes me wish I lived in Helena, but they’ll also have online ordering from their website sometime soon(you can order by phone until then). I personally can’t wait for online ordering. It will change my life and the lives of the people I buy gifts for.

This is just the tip of the Facebook iceberg. There are many food related pages that offer tantalizing peeks at what is available in the Bozeman area and beyond and I “like” it.


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