April Magazine Recipes

My recipes this month were from Iron Chef Michael Symon’s Greek Easter Menu in the April issue of Bon Appetit. I made the Grape Leaves with Bulgur and Mint and the Zucchini Keftedes with Feta and Dill. Since these are just meant to be appetizers I rounded out my meal with pork tenderloin medallions in a quick Greek-ish pan sauce of garlic, oregano and white wine.

I’ve never worked with grape leaves before and work they are. This recipe didn’t blow me away. I thought it was good, but not amazing, not something I want to put that much work into when I have children tugging at my apron strings. I was the only one who thought they were good too. Mike and Nathan didn’t like them much, probably because of the vinegary taste of the grape leaves. In the end it was a fun experiment, I’m willing to try another recipe with grape leaves at some point and I’ll gladly eat them in a restaurant if the opportunity arises, but this particular recipe won’t be repeated.

The zucchini keftedes, however, were pretty great. Both Mike and I liked them.(Another way I like zucchini! Who knew!) The recipe said you could serve them warm or cold, but I definitely liked them better warm with a dollop of cool yogurt on top. The best thing about them is the pleasingly rubbery texture of the feta cheese when you fry them. Lovely, chewy, little bombs of salty feta hidden in the zucchini! Yes, these will be made again.

I actually kind of want to make them again right now. Yum!


One response to “April Magazine Recipes

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