Sloppy Dawgs in Downtown Bozeman

Update: Sloppy Dawgs Has shut down and moved on. 😦 We were sad to find that out.

Tonight, instead of preparing dinner, the boys and I hopped on the bus(it stops right outside our door!), rode to the mall and played in the toy store until daddy got off work. We probably could have warmed up leftovers and made a salad for dinner, but Mike suggested we go out to Sloppy Dawgs downtown and I thought that was a fine idea. I mean, it’s been a hectic month and we’ll be swimming in turkey leftovers in just a couple of days–so, we deserve a dinner out, right?

An alternate name for Sloppy Dawgs could be Ground Beef City or maybe Hamburger Heaven. I’m not complaining.

The menu is simple with daily specials. They offer mostly hot dogs and sloppy joes, some spicy and some not, with chicken fingers, a hamburger, a few salads and soups too. The Tuesday night special was goulash over penne pasta. Mike opted for the special, Nathan had a kid’s hot dog and I had the spicy sloppy joe. The baby does not yet get his own meal, so he had bits of his daddy and brother’s dinners.

It was good, totally non-intimidating and inexpensive food. My spicy food had just-enough-not-too-much heat, the french fries were thick and salty, and we just enjoyed the whole meal. We were the only ones there and I think that contributed to the casual atmosphere, but really, how can a place that sells hot dogs and sloppy joes not be casual? Again, I’m not complaining.

It was a wonderful evening out altogether and dinner turned out to be the icing on the cake– which, incidentally, we didn’t have room for in our full, full bellies..


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