Bagels are one of those things that I’ve always been curious about making on my own, but you have to boil them and that has always sounded cumbersome and tricky to me, so I’ve never attempted it.

Until now, that is. Last January I made my magazine recipe resolution(only one month left!) so that I’d try new recipes, methods and ingredients and not just gawk at all those pretty pictures in my magazines. Death to intimidation! A little boiling won’t hurt me!(Well, that’s not quite true– I should say: boiling won’t hurt me as long as I manage to not boil parts of myself…)

The bagel recipe from the November issue of Cooking Light actually seemed pretty straight forward and simple, if a bit time consuming. So, into the boiling water I dove.

I found some barley malt syrup without any trouble and stocked up on cream cheese. I only made half the dough because my little family just doesn’t need a dozen bagels at a time. The recipe didn’t take as long and wasn’t nearly as involved as I feared it would be. They turned out pretty darn good. I think this is a recipe that could be pretty easy to throw together in the evening  for enjoyment in the morning– and I’m going to try to do that a couple of times in december… with cinnamon and raisins… and cranberries and orange zest… mmmm…


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