Pinterest Picks

Pinterest. That site that inspires, inspires, inspires… but will just eat up a ridiculous amount of time if you don’t actually use any of that inspiration to create.

Yeah, whoever created this one got it just about right.

I try to avoid that trap by committing to using my Pinterest inspiration once a week. I haven’t done that in a while, but I’ve been pinning a lot lately, so I need to get back in the habit of using those pins.

Here are a few of my food pins that are up for testing in my kitchen this week:

This one is from Italian Food Forever.

Roasted mushrooms. Quick and simple. I’m the only one that will eat them around here, but they look oh-so-delicious, so I don’t care.

I need to give quinoa a more dedicated try than I have so far. I’ve made it once and had it from the Co-op once. It was terrible when I made it and lovely from the deli. This looks gorgeous and has a honey-lime dressing. Yum!

It’s the season for salads and this pin links to several good ideas. Salads make pretty great lunches–I had tabouli today!

There you have it. Now, I just have to get in the kitchen!


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