Green! Green! Green!

MSU Friends of Local Foods runs the Towne’s Harvest Garden CSA here in Bozeman and this year they’re offering “MSU Student Friday Shares.” For $5 I can fill a bag with what’s left when the regular shares have been picked up on Wednesday. This week was my first week and it was a great deal!

My $5 got me a bag of salad mix, a giant bag of spinach, a giant bag of arugula, snap peas, a little bunch of cilantro, green onions and garlic scapes.

I washed a lot of greens this afternoon. Our salad spinner got a good work out. I also made some arugula and walnut pesto for tomorrow and a big salad for dinner!

That wasn’t the only food prep I did on Friday. I also butchered a watermelon with my melon baller and washed and chopped some kale I had in the fridge. I used some of the kale to make some deeeeeelicious little potato cakes. With bits of bacon.

It was a good day for food in this house.


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