A Plan

A few days ago I wrote about my recent inability to plan dinners ahead of time and today I’ve made a plan for the coming week. It’s a rough plan that will need a little filling out, but it’s better than nothing!

Sunday: Pesto chicken and a chopped salad–salad ingredients to be decided. There will be leftover pasta on the side too.

Monday: Chili in the slow cooker, corn muffins, and sautéed spinach with garlic scapes.

Tuesday: Stir fry.

Wednesday: Burgers, sweet potatoes, and salad of some sort.

Thursday: Pizzas! (Of the homemade variety.)

Friday: Sandwiches and salad. I’ll still need to figure out what kinds, but at least the basics are pinned down!

I’m sure Mike will cook on Saturday and by then we’ll have more CSA veggies too, so I’m leaving that day unplanned for the time being.

There. There it is. A plan. And one that’s been made public, at that. Now, I have to stick to it, don’t I?


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