Dinner Last Night–Pesto Chicken and Chopped Salad

I’ve been following my plan! I’ve been cooking dinner! We’re only two days in, but I’m doing it!

For dinner last night I slapped some of the arugula and walnut pesto I made last Friday on some chicken and tossed it in the oven for awhile. While that was baking I made a chopped salad.

I started the whole process a little late, so my boys ate leftover pasta for dinner and Mike and I had a lovely, romantic dinner by ourselves.

Yeah, right! The 18-month-old had to have bites, just in case he was missing out on something.

The chicken ended up dry, but tasted great. It wasn’t perfect, but we didn’t complain.

What I really loved was the salad. It was kale, arugula, romaine, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, carrots, and garlic scapes. I made a quick vinaigrette and I ate that salad.

I’m not usually a very enthusiastic salad eater. I don’t like to have a mouthful of lettuce. It always feels a little like work when I eat salad, but chopped salads are perfect and I need to make more of them. Instead of a mouthful of lettuce I have a mouthful of everything. The kale was in manageable bits and the spiciness of the arugula wasn’t overwhelming. It was just perfect.

I just want to go make another salad right now. I liked it that much.


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