Audrey’s Pizza Oven

I failed at following my plan and making dinner tonight. I didn’t have the ingredients I needed and the littlest one took a long afternoon nap making it impossible to run to the store. Finally, I cuddled and read a book with the big boy after he got home from daycare instead of getting everything I could ready and making a mad dash to the store when Mike got home.


Audrey’s Pizza Oven was the solution.

Audrey’s has a charming story behind it. Audrey was a local woman who was well-known in the community–as was her pizza. The dough recipe that Audrey’s uses is the one passed down by the original Audrey, who died in 1996.

We’ve ordered pizza from Audrey’s many times, but this was the first time we’ve actually ate in. It was exactly what a pizza joint should be. Deep reds and lots of wood. There were a couple of antique gas pumps too, which I think is a nod to the building’s recent past life as a gas station and convenience store.


We mostly only get the Plum Street Pizza, which is a barbecue chicken pizza that both the grown-ups in the house love. The kids got pepperoni. Everyone had a nice dinner and on the way home, we made a quick stop for frozen yogurt.

Tonight was nice, but tomorrow I’m back to my plan.



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