Movie Snacks

Tomorrow Mike and I are going to see Batman while the children are at daycare. I’m having movie snacks. For sure. It’s part of the experience; it’s part of the fun of going to the movies.

Much has been said about how unhealthy movie popcorn is. I’ve read countless articles in women’s magazines that make suggestions for healthy snacks to sneak into the theater or what the best choice to make at the counter is. I’ve been told that I should never ever have butter on my popcorn at the theater. It’s true–movie snacks in general are pretty bad for you, but I DON’T GO TO THE MOVIES EVERY DAY!

I’m not saying I don’t need to watch my diet a little better, but avoiding high calorie, high fat, high sodium, and/or high sugar movie snacks is not where I need to focus my attention unless I start going to the movies on a weekly basis rather than biannually.

Tomorrow I eat junk at the theater and salad for dinner. I firmly believe that eating healthy, as with many other things in life, is most successful when you do it almost always and don’t worry too much about the moments when you stray. I give myself permission to eat movie snacks and enjoy it.


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