Headaches and Hunger

This afternoon I got a little bit of a headache, so I drank a couple of big glasses of water and took it easy. That, however, wasn’t enough and at 5 pm, just as a tremendous downpour began, unbearable pain washed over me. I took some Tylenol and closed my eyes for about an hour and a half.

When I got up it was dinner time and I was hungry. I sat down and ate, ate, ate. This happens whenever I have a really bad headache like that. When it subsides I’m starving and I don’t just crave food, I crave fat and sugar specifically.

I suspect that I’m not actually hungry when this happens, but that it’s just my messed up, sick brain triggering my hunger. On the other hand, I sometimes think that it might be that my body needs something in those foods to help it recover. Whatever the reason, I always eat.


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