Not-Quite-July Magazine Recipe

I said I was going to pick up the monthly magazine recipes project again in July… but then I forgot to.

I’ll do two in August to make up for it, okay?

Tonight I made Fettuccine with Tomato-Cream Sauce, from the August issue of Cooking Light, with a substitution and a couple of omissions.


First of all, my dish was Penne with Tomato-Cream Sauce because I didn’t have any Fettuccine and I didn’t want to drag a couple of kids to the store to get some. Didn’t matter. Penne worked wonderfully.

I left out the olives because nobody but me will eat them around here and the red pepper because I didn’t want to traumatize the children.

The sauce was a little bland without the red pepper. It needs something else if you’re going to leave out the spicy.


We brainstormed a little for future versions of this recipe. We think adding mushrooms, a little bacon, or both would taste very nice. I’ll also mix some basil into the sauce just before it’s done so that the flavor seeps into it a little better. And, finally, I think a little mozzarella on top and a short trip to the oven would be delightful.

Of course, mozzarella on top would add a significant number of calories to the dish, but you could probably still keep it pretty reasonable.

The grown-ups missed the red pepper, but the kids ate plenty. It’s a nice quick recipe that I’ll use again. With a few embellishments.


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