Adventures In Dieting

I started my day with a diet-approved, two egg omelet with chard, green onions and tomatoes. Super yum! I drank ice water with lemon and at lunch I had white beans and tuna salad with green onions, capers, parsley and lemon juice. I didn’t feel hungry. It was super tasty.

Then I developed a terrible headache. I suspect it may have been because of my food choices for the last two days. I took some Advil and ate a few things that aren’t on the list for my diet, but are healthy and, I’m convinced, made my headache disappear.

For my snack I had a banana, a banana muffin (OMG, flour! Sugar!), a few pieces of honeydew melon, a string cheese, a carrot and a cup of coffee with flavoring syrup. Headache disappeared.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my food choices today. I mostly want to keep the sugar and flour to a bare minimum and I think I did that pretty well. I will always cave to cravings if I have a headache–I’ll just have to keep it to a taste rather than a binge.


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