Festival Food And Summer Diet Derailment

On Sunday we went to the annual Sweet Pea Festival. Nathan snacked on a monkey tail–a frozen banana dipped in chocolate–and we ate Tater Pigs and hot dogs for lunch.


Tonight the boys had hot dogs again at the Law Enforcement Night Out, but the parents put off dinner until after bed time.

Tater pigs and late dinners (fast food, no less!) aren’t in the strict diet plan I had hoped I’d be able to follow. It’s clear that strict just isn’t going to work for me right now, so I’ll just eat well more than I don’t and hopefully it will help.

I think summer might be as difficult a time to maintain a diet as the winter holidays. In fact, I’d say that the only time of the year in which there aren’t myriad temptations is the month of January.


One response to “Festival Food And Summer Diet Derailment

  1. We’re happy to see that Tater Pigs have made it to the blogosphere! Sweet Pea was definitely full of tasty temptations this year.

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