America’s Test Kitchen

We haven’t had cable t.v. for quite awhile so all food shows we watch these days are all from the PBS Create channel rather than Food Network. We’ve come to know and love a couple of shows, but especially the America’s Test Kitchen shows.

Yesterday, when I was thinking about buying a new slow cooker,  I decided I wanted to see what America’s Test Kitchen had to say and discovered that the website has a (gasp!) paywall. I couldn’t look at the slow cooker reviews without registering.

They do offer a free two-week trial which I was all ready to sign up for–except that I didn’t have my debit card nearby. Magically, when I gave up and navigated away from the page, a box popped up offering me a free one-day, all-access pass. I took it and browsed the reviews pretty heavily.

Sadly, my 24 hour pass has expired and now I have to decide if I want to sign up or just stick to catching the show on t.v. from time to time.

You can get the access to the current season for free, or you can get access to everything from their twelve year history for a monthly fee of $4.95 or an entire year for $29.99. And, you know, I’m pretty tempted to pay. It’s a lot of content for a pretty decent price and I’ve come to learn that America’s Test Kitchen can always be trusted. They do some great work when it comes to home cooking.


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