A Little Prep


I took a half hour or so today to wash, chop and otherwise prep some food for the coming week.

I’ve been eating eggs with chard, green onions and tomatoes for breakfast most days as part of my attempt to lose a little weight. Today I chopped all the green onions and chard up and put them in containers, so all I have to do is shake some into a pan and add my eggs and tomatoes. It doesn’t take much effort or time to wash and chop in the morning, but it sure feels like it does and all too often I’ve skipped breakfast or eaten something less healthy because of the perceived hassle. Not this week!

I also washed and chopped a head of romaine and a bunch of kale. No excuse not to eat salad.

This past week we got some summer squash with our CSA share and while I’m not yet sure what I’m going to do with it, I figure it couldn’t hurt to wash it and slice it into rounds. It’s ready to be tossed into some pasta or whatever… as long as the recipe calls for rounds.

Another CSA score was a bulb of fennel. I think I’m going to roast it, so I washed it and sliced it into eighths.

The last thing I prepped today was some grapes I picked up on discount. There were a couple of bad ones, so they were marked down to 99 cents. Now I have four bags ready for kids to grab for snack time or to pack up for a picnic lunch.

It feels good to have a few healthy things ready for the week. I’m proud of myself for doing it too. I might even make some carrot sticks while I have the cutting board out. Yes, I think I will!

Here’s to a healthy week!


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