New Veggies August Challenge: Jicama

As part of a wellness challenge at work, I’m trying one new-to-me veggie or veggie variety each week in August (except for that partial week at the very beginning of the month.) This past week I snatched a jicama root on a frantic trip to the grocery store with both of my kids in tow.


I’m sure I’ve had jicama before–as part of a salad, or maybe roasted with some other root vegetables as a side to a restaurant dinner. But I can’t remember a specific instance and I have no memory of what it might have tasted like. I’ve certainly never bought it or prepared it, so I think it qualifies as a new veggie–even if I have probably had it at some point.

A quick Internet search revealed that it’s a Mexican root vegetable that is commonly eaten raw, roasted, or as part of stir fry. I decided to start at base and try it raw.


I cut it into sticks and started munching. It’s starchy, crunchy, bland and has a high water content. It seems like it’s basically a giant water chestnut. It’s quite filling, but is also low in calories. I imagine that the subtle flavor and crunch would make it an excellent vehicle for dips.

The jicama I bought was big enough to almost fill a gallon-sized zip top bag and will likely keep me in healthy snacks for a week. I might try roasting some later, but for now I’m really enjoying the sticks.

This new veggie seems to be right up my alley… now if I could just get my kids to taste it…


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