Trying New Foods With Kids At The Table

I made a frittata for the first time this week. I put in the last of the broccoli, the leftover potatoes, a tomato and generously sprinkled the top with cheese. I was sure to include lots of broccoli because my children love broccoli and I was hoping that their love would make them at least try a few bites. It was beautiful.


My ploy only sort of worked though.They did take bites, but neither of them decided they liked what I’d made… despite the fact that they both eat scrambled eggs and like all those veggies. I suspect that the problem was with the newness and not the flavor. They never like new stuff.

I knew they wouldn’t eat much, if any, before I even started cooking and I almost threw in the towel and cooked something I knew that they’d eat instead. Who wants a struggle at the end of the day? But I stood my ground, because I think it’s important for them to try new things. I want kids who’ll be a bit adventurous with their food and they won’t learn how rewarding that can be if I cook the same five dishes day after day.

So, frittata it was–whether they liked it or not. And they didn’t. But maybe they will next time. Or the time after that. We’ll keep trying.

Did I mention that I didn’t even put mushrooms and onions in it? My one concession to their pickiness was that I only included veggies I already know they liked. They wouldn’t have taken one bite if there were mushrooms and onions, so I sautéed them separately. Just for me. Yum!



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