Digital Inspiration

It’s gotten really hot this afternoon. I’m just roasting. I wouldn’t dream of turning on the stove and you couldn’t paaaay me to use the oven.

Although, it’s already so hot that it probably wouldn’t make it any less comfortable in here….

Anyway, Mike put a pork roast in the slow cooker, so we’re pretty much covered for dinner tonight. And for that, I’m thankful, but I kind of had a hankering to browse a few new cookbooks. I want a little inspiration on deck for a couple of weeks from now when it’s either bake cookies or turn on the heat for winter. I’m not going to want to turn on the heat yet.

I love Pinterest and Google as much as the next person, and I have a wealth of magazines available to me through a magazine reader app, but I wanted a cookbook or two. I enjoy a good cookbook. They can be inspiring as well as instructional and a good one is also a fun read.

The only things standing in my way were one still-napping child and a complete lack of desire to drag the kids across town to the library. My solution: e-books borrowed from the library!

I checked out and downloaded three to my iPad and added another twenty or so to my wish list. Bring on the cooler weather (please, please, oh, please!) I’m ready!


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