This Heat Is Bananas!


My children go through phases with food. Sometimes they just die for string cheese and earlier this summer they were both crazy about frozen grapes. Right now, however, the last of the string cheese is untouched, in the back of the fridge, and all my offers to dig it out are rebuffed.

The frozen grapes are still loved by the older son, but the younger one would rather have pretzels. Children are fickle beasts.

Bananas, as a general rule, are hard to keep around this house and banana peels that are not where they are supposed to be–IN THE GARBAGE, BOYS, IN THE GARBAGE–are an all to frequent find. But it seems we’ve had a lull in banana consumption and we have several that are getting more and more brown. The kids won’t eat them when they’re brown, of course.

I’d bake banana bread, but we’ve been having beastly hot days lately. Instead, I’m going to freeze them and the first good and cool day we have, I’m going to avoid lighting the pilot on the heater by baking some banana bread. With chocolate chips.


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