2014 Food Resolutions

I’ve resurrected an old resolution that I really enjoyed once upon a time. I’m going to make a new recipe from a magazine or cookbook each month. We can so easily fall into the habit of cooking the same things over and over–especially when there are picky kids involved. I enjoy a little minor culinary adventure and this is a way to ensure that I push my boundaries just a little bit. Plus, it’s a way to ensure that my kids try new things too!

Another mini-resolution (unofficial) that I’ve made this year is to drink more. Yes, you read that right–I want to consume more alcohol this year. I know this kind of flies in the face of most people’s New Year’s resolutions, but I only imbibe once every four to six months. It’s pretty safe to say that I could up that to at least monthly and still be totally fine. I honestly think that it’ll make me a better and more relaxed person. Plus, I keep reading articles about how beer can help your creativity and that people who drink a little actually live longer than those who don’t. So, there you go–I’m going to try to regularly knock back a few. Well, at least one anyway.

Starting now.



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