Mindful Consumption

I haven’t used this blog for quite some time, but I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately. Specifically, I’ve been thinking of this blog as a way of holding myself more accountable for making creative, consistent, and mindful choices when it comes to what I put in my and my family’s mouths. Sharing my thoughts about food in a blog post means I have to look at what I’m consuming objectively. In a way, it forces a different perspective on me and makes me think more deeply about food.

I don’t want to write about, for instance, an entire bag of chips I ate while studying, or even think about it. And that’s part of the problem right there: I’ve been making food choices that I don’t even like without even thinking about how I don’t like them. That’s got to stop.

So, I’ve joined a CSA and I’ve resurrected my quiet food blog in an effort to more thoughtfully and carefully consume. I’ll have to do some work if I’m going to be posting here regularly (That’s the plan!) and not posting about the takeout pizza we had for dinner.

Although, Cosmic Pizza is really, really good… I think I actually would like to write about that!



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